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Latest News & Blogs from Endeavour Mutual Bank

  • BLOG: Money Skills for Kids - High School
    High School means a lot of new experiences for kids. Learning not just lessons inside the classroom, but life lessons too. Being a teenager is not one of the easiest life phases, most of us will agree, and for many it is fraught with anxiety and hormonal swings. There's so much for kid... Read more
  • BLOG: Money Skills for Kids - Primary School
    Schools don’t tend to teach kids much about money other than recognising currencies and learning how to add and subtract using money transactions as examples. But what kids need is financial skills early on to empower them to make sensible decisions regarding money. Skills that will ... Read more
  • BLOG: Why You Should Invest in Yourself
    The term ‘invest’ is more often than not used in reference to property, shares, some kind of financial commitment, or the purchase of an asset which is intended to increase in value over time or improve an outcome.  ... Read more