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Latest Blogs from Endeavour Mutual Bank

  • BLOG: Buy Nothing New Month - How to Barter
    Trading goods and services without money is known as bartering, and was the norm in ancient civilizations. Back in the day, as money didn’t exist, bartering was the currency. Swapping goods for another was how people acquired what they needed. Shells for sugar, carrots for eggs, a ne... Read more
  • Donate to the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami appeal today
    All Australians are aware that a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Sulawesi on Friday 28 September, triggering a powerful tsunami wave. Many people are confirmed dead and the toll is rising. Thousands more need urgent help. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that “our latest informati... Read more
  • BLOG: Protect Yourself from Fraud - Celebrity Endorsement Scams
    Celebrities have been used to promote products ever since the rise of the Hollywood star in the 1930s. From perfumes, to jewellery, fancy cars and watches to diet drinks and lingerie the rich and beautiful have always been able to help sell desirable things through clever advertising. ... Read more