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ANZAC Day 2021

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This Sunday, Australian Mutual Bank joins all Australians in paying tribute to our service men and women.


Leading up to this ANZAC Day, our staff were given the opportunity to share photos & stories of family members who have served our country.

Angela from our Brand team has shared an image of her Dad, Geoffrey Roberts: "This is a picture of my Dad taken on a Saigon street during the Vietnam War. He was conscripted and had just turned 21. His battalion was HQ AFV Army Component-Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps. His service began with being conscripted on 7 Feb 1968. He went to Vietnam on 7 December 1968. He had only turned 21 a few weeks earlier and was away from the family at Christmas for the first time. He stayed till 28 November 1969."


Angela has also shared an image of her Grandad: “This photo is of my Grandad Brian Roberts (the father of my father who went to Vietnam). This photo was taken in Malaya in 1941. He was in 20th Battalion 8th Division. He was captured and spent over 3 years in a concentration camp starting off in Singapore and later moving to Japan. Thankfully he returned safely home to Australia in November 1945”


Terry from our Member Service team has shared photos of his Great Uncle Gilbert Jan who was enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) just after the bombing of Darwin in 1942.



“My great uncle Gilbert, on Anzac Day 2018. In the photo with me he is wearing his medals. The first medal in gold with a blue ribbon is the Order of Australia Medal. He served with the Catalina Flying Boat Squadron in the Pacific, on anti-submarine, reconnaissance, search and rescue missions. The Catalina flying boats were the first planes to adopt radar technology and played a key role in both the Atlantic and Pacific in WW2. Uncle Gilbert is the last man left in his squadron.”

Leah from our Credit Services team has many family members who have served our country in the armed forces since World War 1 and has shared some photos below: "Nan's father William L served in France in WW1 where he was also wounded and later died of shellshock" 

Leah also shared an image of her Pop's father Ralph who served in the Army from 1941-1946 and later the Navy.

Leah's Pop’s brother Geoffrey, was also enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy. When Geoff passed away in 2004, his grandsons joined the Navy where they continue to serve our country to this day.

Anzac Day is a deeply emotional time for Australia’s veterans and their families. Thank you to our staff for sharing their stories with us and we also thank all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and country on this ANZAC Day.

Lest we forget.