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How to Save on your Energy Bill - Part A

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As electricity prices soar, people across the country have to budget in advance for their electricity bills and rethink the way they use the power in their homes to help keep costs under control. 

Line Dry Without Delay

Over the next few blogs we’ll be sharing some tips to keep your electricity bills as low as possible. Oh, you will also be doing the environment a favour too, so win win.

One of the biggest guzzlers of electricity is the humble clothes dryer. Using a dryer gobbles up a large volume of electricity, (up to $3 worth per load according to assuming electricity usage rate of 33c per kWh - but with prices continually going up, it’s likely it will cost you even more in the future). In addition to nearly costing you the equivalent of a small coffee, using a dryer over time reduces the longevity of linen, towels and clothing, meaning you’ll have to replace them sooner adding to your expenses and your environmental footprint.

Instead of automatically transferring your wet washing to the dryer every time you do a load, consider the alternative. Line drying, as you’ll see, will do more than simply save you money.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly washed sun dried bed linen, or any washing for that matter. Mother nature truly is a pro when it comes to getting your washing dry. But so many of us get lazy (because who could be bothered pegging all those undies and socks out?) and just shove our wet washing into a dryer. Hands up, who’s guilty? “I don’t have the time to hang out the washing.” “It’s the only way I’ll ensure we have clean washing for the week.” “I live in an apartment.” “It’s been raining.” blah blah blah. All of these are valid excuses, but they are excuses none the less. If you didn’t have a dryer you would find a way to get your clothes dry believe me, even mid winter when the weather is wild and woolly.

Fresh Air

Did you know most of us spend up to 90% of our days indoors? Hanging out washing is an opportunity to get outdoors (or at least get onto your balcony if in an apartment) breathing in fresh air and getting your body moving. All that stretching up and reaching down into the basket is like a free mini work out. Did you know exposure to daylight can help to regulate your hormones, improve insomnia, reduce signs of dementia, lift moods, awaken your body and mind and improve overall health in older adults? Morning light is the most beneficial and it’s recommended to be out for 20-30 minutes, so getting your washing out before work is the ideal way to get your washing dry, soak up those morning rays and get your day off to a good start.

Mindful Moment

The act of hanging up multiple pieces of clothing may seem tiring and time consuming, but it can also become an act of mindfulness, giving your brain a rest from worrying, constantly thinking or staring at social media or the TV. Any repetitive action like washing up, watering your garden, hanging out washing, sewing etc. can become your daily moving meditation. The benefits include slowing your breathing rate, reducing stress hormones, calming your nervous system and relieving anxiety. Notice the colours of the pegs, the texture of the fabrics, the feel of the breeze or sun on your skin, the smell of the washing detergent and the dampness of the clothing against your hands. Mindfulness is really just about paying close attention, it might seem kinda kooky but just watch the benefits unfold.

Here are some tips to drying your washing without a dryer

  1. Sunny side up: Develop an awareness of what the weather is doing. If it looks like it will be a sunny day go do a load of washing at breakfast time and get it out under the sun before you even begin your day. Bring it in before sunset or bedtime at least to avoid early morning dew dampening your washing the following day.
  2. Mix up your washing loads so you don’t have a huge volume of items to hang out in any one load. i.e. throw in a couple of towels with a hand full of sock and undies so you have a few big things (i.e. easy to hang out) and the smaller fiddly items can be spread out among a few loads.
  3. Invest in some foldable clothes horses. These are fabulous if you live in an apartment or a house, because even if it is raining you can hang out your clothing indoors away from the wind and rain and get your items dry. It might take a tad longer than being line dried in the sun or dried in the dryer, but they will dry eventually.
  4. On damp days put your washing through the spin cycle for a second time (not the full washing just the final spin). The spin cycle is the final cycle your washing machine does to wring out as much water as it can so your washing is not sopping wet. If you don’t have super clear or sunny weather or you have to dry items on a clothes horse indoors, by putting the washing through a second spin cycle means the washing has a bit more moisture squeezed out of it.

Saving some pennies and enhancing your wellbeing has never been so easy!

Lastly, having a budgeting strategy will help you to avoid bill shock when you next open your electricity bill. Endeavour Mutual Bank provides a free budgeting service for all its members and has a range of account options which allow you to credit your wages into an account especially set up for bills. To find out more visit one of our branches or speak to one of our friendly member services officers on 1300 13 14 20.