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Jetset to Japan

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Japan, a holiday destination with something for everyone

Japan is fast becoming a popular holiday destinations for Aussie travellers all year round. 

Rich in fascinating culture and history, Japan offers wildly contrasting experiences.From the densely urban Tokyo to countryside buddhist temples, bamboo forests and white powdered ski slopes, whether you prefer spending time in nature or love the intensity of a big city, Japan has something to offer everyone. Each season in Japan is clearly distinct from each other and celebrated with festivals throughout the year. Compared to the long haul destinations of Europe and America (over 20 hours of time in the air and a necessary stop over in between), a trip to Japan is a non-stop 9 and a half hours meaning jet lag and downtime in the air is minimised giving you more time to enjoy yourself.  With so much on offer it's no surprise that Japan is as popular as it is, but over the next 12 months Japan’s popularity as a holiday destination is set to increase, with Tokyo hosting the upcoming Rugby World Cup in a couple of months and the Olympic Games in 2020.   

Cash is King 

Surprisingly, despite it being such a high-tech country, cash is still the easiest way to holiday in Japan. Bringing the bulk of your spending money in Japanese Yen cash will ensure you always have money on hand if you stumble across a ceramics market in the middle of a park, a three story toy store down a back alley or a buddhist temple while enjoying some ‘forest bathing’ (a Japanese term for relaxing in nature with lots of trees). Many ATMs in Japan do not accept credit, debit and ATM cards which are issued outside of Japan. However there are of course exceptions, the best places to use your cards are postal ATMs (found at approximately 20,000 post offices) and 7-Bank ATMs, found at approximately 20,000 7-Eleven convenience stores. 7-Elevens are pretty much everywhere (they even have their own theme tune playing in-store) so if you do run out of yen, it’s not too hard to find the closest convenience store and stock up on some seaweed snacks while you’re there.

Thanks to our partnership with Travelex, Endeavour is able to provide you with yen in cash direct from your local branch, with orders normally delivered within 48-72 hours (subject to location). Keep in mind also that if you have any unused Yen banknotes when you come back from your trip, we can convert them back into Australian Dollars for you (subject to acceptability).  No matter where you may be travelling, and even if you're not a fan of carrying cash, it is generally a good idea to take some local cash for arrival at your destination overseas to make that cab to your accommodation or your first coffee or meal hassle free.  

Endeavour can assist with many elements of an overseas trip.  From setting up a savings account for you to dedicate to your adventures, to arranging foreign currencies, a travel money card and even travel insurance.  We'd love to help turn your dream holiday into a reality, contact us to find out more.  

Alison Gallagher is a freelance writer, resourcefulness expert and entrepreneur. She has been featured in various publications including Stellar Magazine, Australian Health and Fitness Magazine, and Cleo Magazine. Alison is particularly passionate about sharing practical tips on how to live simply, sustainably and seasonally.