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Annual General Meeting

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An Annual General Meeting of Australian Mutual Bank Ltd will be held on Wednesday, 27th November 2019 at 6:00pm at The York, 99 York Street, Sydney. 


  1. Welcome to Members and Visitors.
  2. Confirmation of Minutes of the
    Annual General Meeting held on 28th November 2018
    Special General Meeting held on 24th July 2019
  3. Business Arising from Minutes.
  4. To receive and consider the Financial Statements and Reports on behalf of the Directors and Auditor.
  5. To consider and, if thought fit, to approve the following Ordinary Resolution submitted by the Board of Directors:
    “That Remuneration to be paid to Directors for the year 2019-20 be a lump sum of up to $380,000 with payments to individuals from that lump sum to be at the discretion of the Board and such amounts to incorporate all FBT and Superannuation commitments payable.”
    To be passed, this resolution requires the approval of a majority of the votes cast by Members at the Annual General Meeting, in person or by proxy.
  6. General Business. 


You can appoint a proxy to attend and vote at the meeting on your behalf. Your proxy does not have to be a Member of Australian Mutual Bank.

A Proxy Form can be obtained by contacting the Bank:

  • By Post: The Secretary, Australian Mutual Bank, PO Box 444, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148
  • By email:
  • By clicking here
  • By telephone: (02) 9678 2138
  • By fax: (02) 9094 2284

It includes instructions on how to vote using a proxy. Please read these instructions carefully.

To be valid, your Appointment of Proxy form must be received by Australian Mutual Bank no later than 48 hours before the start of the Annual General Meeting.


Please advise the Bank, if you wish to attend the AGM Meeting.
Following the meeting a light supper will be served. To assist us with catering please register your attendance. Contact details as advised above.

By Order of the Board

Simon Brasier
23rd October 2019