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Welcome to Endeavour Mutual Bank

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This is our bank – because members are customers and equal owners

On 1st February 2018, Select Encompass Credit Union changed its name to Endeavour Mutual Bank. The change was overwhelmingly supported by members at the Annual General Meeting held on 13th December 2017.

The new name sets the organisation up for a successful future. The word Endeavour is synonymous with aspiration, ambition, enterprise and effort. These key words not only describe a confident vision of the future, but also describe the many ventures and mutual endeavours that have formed the basis of the organisation since formation in 1953.

What will change?

Over the coming months, members will start to see the new name appear across the organisation including the website, mobile apps, Visa cards and branches. But don’t worry, account numbers, the BSB, branch locations and most importantly the focus on members will not change.



Remaining a mutual means that members are customers and equal owners. The new Endeavour Mutual Bank will continue to offer the competitive products and services that you have come to expect and we look forward to continuing to deliver great value to all members.


Message from the CEO

On behalf of the staff and directors of Select Encompass Credit Union, I would like to thank all members for their support of the proposal to change the credit union’s name to Endeavour Mutual Bank Ltd.

The word mutual reinforces the cooperative structure and that members are customers and equal owners, and while all Select Encompass members understand that a credit union is a banking institution, consumer surveys have consistently shown that non-members misunderstand the credit union model, whereas everyone understands the word ‘bank’.

The organisation will remain a banking institution of strength and soundness, with a capital adequacy ratio of 25.0% (well above the statutory minimum of 8.00%), along with assets of $634m and 77 employees. We will remain 100% Australian owned and operated, and continue to invest ethically and be socially responsible.

Members will still have access to the same accounts and services, and importantly the name change will not affect the BSB or members’ account numbers.

The name change will occur on 1 February 2018.

CEO Mark Worthington
Mark Worthington
Chief Executive Officer
Select Encompass Credit Union

Frequently asked questions

Will the BSB number change?
No: The organisations BSB number will remain as 611 000.
Will my member number change?
No : Your member number and account numbers will not change.
Will my Select Encompass Visa card still work after the name change?
Yes: Your Visa card will still work. Upon renewal, you will be issued with an Endeavour Mutual Bank Visa card
Will my Visa card image on the app look the same as my actual Visa card?
From February 1st 2018, all Visa card images within the mobile app will be displayed as the new Endeavour Mutual Bank card. Although your card may still be a Select Encompass card, the card on your app is still linked to your actual card. Upon renewal or replacement, you will be issued with an Endeavour Mutual Bank card which will then match the card image on your app.
I have a personal cheque book. Will I still be able to use this?
Yes:  Your current cheque book will not be affected. On renewal you will receive a newly branded Endeavour Mutual Bank book but the details will not change.
Will the phone number change?
No :The customer service phone number will remain as 1300 13 14 20
Will the website address change?
No: At this stage, the web address will remain as . At a later stage we will look at changing the website address