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Important notice for ATM users

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As of the 1st of January 2019, Endeavour Mutual Bank will no longer be part of the rediATM network. Whilst most Bank owned ATMs are now free, members may incur a direct charge by some rediATM’s after this date. 

Also, members will no longer be able to change their PIN’s or use any other functions offered on a rediATM (however the Endeavour App does allow PIN changes). Endeavour suggests you use an ATM provided by the major banks as they are fee-free*.

The rediATM’s from Endeavours Hamilton and Central branch will be removed on the 15th November 2018. Members are still able to attend the branch during business hours to make a withdrawal or discuss with branch staff where the closest ATM is located if required.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused however we believe that members will now benefit further from being able to use any Bank owned ATMs in Australia free of charge* For more information, visit your local Endeavour branch or contact us on 1300 13 14 20.

Frequently Asked Questions

I still change my PIN at a rediATM?
From 1 January 2019 you will no longer be able to change your PIN at a rediATM. You are able to change your PIN online in the Endeavour Mobile App and at any of our offices.

Which ATMs can I withdraw from without paying fees?
You can make fee-free withdrawals from most bank-operated ATMs such as ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac. If an ATM charges fees, it will notify you on the screen and you can choose not to proceed with your transaction.

Is there a difference between rediATMs and NAB rediATM?
Yes there is, transactions at NAB are fee-free.  Change to below:

Is there a difference between rediATMs?
Yes there is.  The majority of rediATM’s are owned by the National Australia Bank and are fee-free.  The remainder may charge a direct charge fee.

Will I be charged a fee at rediATMs?
From 1 January 2019 rediATMs not owned by the National Australia Bank may charge you a fee for withdrawing cash. If they do, you will be asked on screen to accept the charge. We strongly recommend you read all ATM screens carefully before continuing with a transaction.

For other Endeavour banking services please visit your banking services page.

*Direct charge ATM’s excluded.