save money and the planet bring your lunch to work

The war on waste has begun and everyone is expected to make sacrifices. Local governments, community groups, schools and businesses are all under pressure to ‘do more’ to ‘make less’ waste.

"Not so fantastic plastic" 

Many schools now have plastic free policies where kids have to bring lunches that have not been wrapped in anything (including those convenient little packets of food marketed to mums!), and cafes are being asked by their customers to stop with the plastic straws and cups.

The journey to zero waste might seem arduous and, the reality is, reducing waste to nothing is virtually impossible in our modern age. BUT it is possible to drastically reduce the waste you do produce just by making a small changes in your day to day activities. The best thing about these simple changes? They also save you money! Below is just ONE thing you can do to make a huge impact on your wallet and the world, and may even give your waistline a nudge in the right direction too.  

Bring your Own Lunch 

Work mornings are often fraught with not enough time to eat breakfast let alone make a packed lunch. If you have kids there are even more distractions and tasks to get done before heading out the door. But…if you can set aside just 10 minutes the night before to pack a healthy and tasty lunch you can get out the door in plenty of time to catch the bus or beat the peak hour traffic.  

The Benefits 

How to make DIY easier

Happy lunching! 

Alison Gallagher is a freelance writer, resourcefulness expert and entrepreneur. She has been featured in various publications including Stellar Magazine, Australian Health and Fitness Magazine, and Cleo Magazine. Alison is particularly passionate about sharing practical tips on how to live simply, sustainably and seasonally.