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don't get caught without travel insurance

Travelling overseas is one of the most wonderful and character building things you can do. It opens your eyes to all the wonders of the world and introduces you to a range of cultures and experiences.

If you are planning a trip - and you don't want to spend time worrying about all of the "what ifs" that can go wrong - you need travel insurance. Purchasing a policy will help to protect you against the unexpected, expensive surprises like foreign medical bills, cancelled flights, lost luggage or personal liability claims.  Arranging your travel insurance should be considered just as important a step in your travel plan as booking your airline tickets.
Travel insurance policies can vary widely so it’s important to research a policy that will meet your needs, but at the very mimimim you want a policy which will cover all of the basics such as:  

Medical Cover

No one wants or expects to get sick or injured on holiday, but from time to time it can happen and you don’t want to be caught out without insurance if it does. Overseas medical bills can be unbelievably expensive. If you don't want to risk the additional pain of private medical bills, you need a travel plan that will cover any potential expenses.

Flight Delays 

Being an organised traveler will make your holiday adventures more carefree and streamlined. But alas there is nothing you can do to prevent potential flight delays. Unfortunately delayed flights aren't only inconvenient. If you miss your connection, you could wind up with an expensive logistical nightmare on your hands along with the possible expense of additional accommodation, replacing missing luggage items and paying for new last minute flights at last minutes prices (ie expensive).  Ensure you get a policy which will provide cover in case your travel is delayed, cancelled or rescheduled. A comprehensive level of cover will provide compensation for the cost of meals, accommodation, luggage and personal effects purchased as a result of a flight delay/cancellation (out of your control) of 6 hours or more.

Lost Baggage, Stolen Travel Documents and Emergency Assistance  

Losing baggage while away is frustrating, inconvenient and can get very expensive to replace. Having cover that will compensate for items that go missing or are damaged in transit will give you peace of mind. A comprehensive policy will also cover personal effects (such as prescription glasses, laptops or cameras) which are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged while travelling, however there will usually be limits on individual items, so some more precious items may need extra cover. You also want to ensure you have cover and support to assist with lost, damaged or stolen travel documents as well as access to worldwide emergency assistance.

Cancelled Plans

Sometimes we don’t even get to our holiday destination despite having a wonderful adventure booked and paid for. Illness, an emergency, redundancy or something else that you have no control over can result in you having to cancel your dream vacation. In most cases, your airline and hotel won't refund your money, so to avoid adding financial hardship to your disappointment, you need travel insurance that includes cover for these unplanned situations. Your insurance company will be able to reimburse you for any non-refundable portion of pre-paid travel expenses, ensuring your cancelled trip doesn't turn cause additional money worries.

Travel insurance arranged by Endeavour Mutual Bank can cover a single trip away or provide ongoing coverage for someone who is always traveling. Four levels of insurance cover are available and include the following:

Of course with all insurance policies, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply so be sure to read over all terms and conditions and the Product Disclosure Statement (PSD) before locking in any policy. You can apply online, call 1300 13 14 20 or visit your local Endeavour Mutual Bank Branch to discuss your travel insurance needs.

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