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As a Member of Endeavour Mutual Bank, you can take advantage of all the benefits of banking with a member-owned financial institution, including the ability to conduct ‘Fee Free Banking’. To assist you in saving on fees and making the most of your access options, please read the Additional Product Information below. You should also refer to the Fees and Charges Schedule for a complete list of current fees and charges, fee exemptions and an explanation of the Member support levels.


Download a full list of our current fees and charges

Transaction Fee Rebates

Members will qualify for a transaction fee rebate every month based on their combined Savings and Loans balance. All members will receive a minimum automatic monthly rebate of $5 per month, for a combined Savings and Loans balance of <$10,000.
Depending on how much additional business members have with the Credit Union, the rebate increases as detailed, up to a maximum of $25 per month.
Combined Loans & Savings Balance  Total Rebate per month
< $10,000 $5.00
> $10,000 $10.00
> $25,000 $15.00
> $100,000 $25.00

Let's look at an example.


A member has a car loan with a balance of $19,870, a Transaction Account balance of $898, a Direct Saver Account balance of $6,390. The fee rebate would be calculated by adding all the account balances ie $9,870+898+6,390 = $27,158.
This member would qualify for the fee rebate based on the combined balance of >$25,000 but less than $100,000 ie $15 per month.
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